Box Office Collections

Bollywood Box Office Collections

Movie NameBudgetDomestic CollectionsOverseas CollectionsTotal CollectionsVerdict
<a href=" MediumSachin/04/10/half-girlfriend-official-trailer/" target="_bl<a href="" target="Behen Hogi Teri_blank">RaabtaBank Chor ank">Half Girlfriend15 Crs4.28 Crs- Crs4.28 Crs-
<a href=" MediumSachin/04/10/half-girlfriend-official-trailer/" target="_bl<a href="" target="Behen Hogi Teri_blank">Raabtaank">Half Girlfriend15 Crs2Crs- Crs2 CrsDisaster
<a href=" MediumSachin/04/10/half-girlfriend-official-trailer/" target="_blRaabtaank">Half Girlfriend50 Crs20.7 Crs2 Crs22.70CrsDisaster
<a href=" MediumSachin/04/10/half-girlfriend-official-trailer/" target="_blank">Half Girlfriend30 Crs50.25 Crs2 Crs52.25 CrsHit
<a href=" Medium/04/10/half-girlfriend-official-trailer/" target="_blank">Half Girlfriend23 Crs 67.46 Crs10 Crs77.46 CrsSuperHit
Half Girlfriend48 Crs54.5 Crs5 Crs59.5 CrsHit
<a Dangalhref="" target="_blank">Baahubali 2125 Crs1253 Crs1556.14 Crs1929 CrsAll Time Blockbuster
Baahubali 2250 Crs1253 Crs387 Crs1640 CrsAll Time Blockbuster
Naam Shabana40 Crs28.25 Crs4.02 Crs32.27 CrsFlop
Phillauri21 Crs26.82 Crs11.77 Crs38.59 CrsHit
Machine25 Crs2.50 Crs- Crs2.50 CrsDisaster
Trapped5 Crs1.94 Crs- Crs1.94 CrsFlop
Badrinath Ki Dulhania47 Crs107.69 Crs33 Crs140.69 CrsSuperHit
Commando 220 Crs21.90 Crs2 Crs23.90 CrsAverage
Rangoon70 Crs6.07 Crs1.33 Crs6.07 CrsDisaster
Running Shaadi15 Crs1 Crs- Crs1 CrsFlop
The Ghazi Attack45 Crs29.65 Crs4 Crs33.65 Crs
Jolly LLB 278 Crs106.20 Crs24 Crs130.20 CrsHit
Kaabil60 Crs134.82 Crs27 Crs161.82 CrsHit
Raees85 Crs165.58 Crs101.42 Crs267 CrsHit
Ok Jaanu28 Crs17.05 Crs6.46 Crs23.51 CrsFlop
Dangal95 Crs384.15 Crs202.21 Crs586.36 CrsBlockbuster
Wajah Tum Ho13 Crs8.5 Crs-8.5 CrsFlop

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