Kaala Review – Hindi Movie Reviews

Kaala Review - Hindi Movie Reviews

Kaala Review – Hindi Movie Reviews

Kaala Review – Hindi Movie Reviews

GONOGO Meter: 70%


Reviewer: Rajeev Masand Kaala Review

Rating: – 3/5 Stars


Reviewer: Anupama Chopra Kaala Review

Rating: – –/5 Stars


Reviewer: The Times Of India Kaala Review

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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The film loses some of its pace in the second half, is slightly sluggish and somewhat predictable. There’s a battle of sorts between Hari Dada and Kaala, with the former initially gaining the upper hand in his quest for revenge. Director Ranjith makes an impact here and the way Kaala fights back, using the people as his weapon, and protest against the establishment is great to watch.

Reviewer: Indian Express Kaala Review

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

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Kaala isn’t a film about a gangster but a film about revolution. And Ranjith stays true to his objective. The traces of what we saw in Kabali have been fleshed out and beautifully embellished. Just the mere fact that I have mentioned Ranjith more than Rajinikanth in this review is an indication of the voice he has as a filmmaker. And it is also equally appreciable that Rajinikanth has let the young filmmaker holler through him. At the audio launch, Rajini had said that Kabali was more of a Ranjith film while Kaala was a Rajini-Ranjith film. Kabali was Ranjith trying to make a Rajinikanth film. Kaala is Rajinikanth starring in a Ranjith film.

Reviewer: NDTV Kaala Review

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars

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This one is all over the place, sadly. It tries to say more, but it also emerges more muddled. The narrative of the slumdog saviour of Dharavi doesn’t gel with the invincible posturing and bombastic dialogues of the leading man. The villain, a politician-builder played by Nana Patekar in very Shiv Sena vein, is more intriguing than the heroic character of Kaala, a former gangster and now grandfather to the chawl of Dharavi. This Nanasaheb knows what he wants and how to get it, while Kaala – for all his ‘black is beautiful’ talk – comes up more than a bit short.

Reviewer: HindustanTimes Kaala Review

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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A powerful hero needs a powerful adversary and Nana Patekar is the man for the role. In one scene, he emerges from the dark and sees Kaala; his response is to adjust his white shirt multiple times. With this gesture, he is possibly assuring himself that he is not the same as Kaala, he is not dirty. The scene where Kaala is on the floor and Hari Dada sits on a chair stands for the class and caste distinctions.


Reviewer: Koimoi Kaala Review

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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All said and done, Kaala is all Rajinikanth – pure seeti-maar entertainment. 160 minutes well spent, watch this if you have an appetite for masala films. Also, watch this to know how there’s much more left in the powerhouse known as Rajinikanth.

Three stars!


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