Baaghi 2 Reviews – Hindi Movie Reviews

Baaghi 2 Reviews – Hindi Movie Reviews

Baaghi 2 Reviews – Hindi Movie Reviews

GONOGO Meter: 56%


Reviewer: Rajeev Masand

Rating: – 2/5 Stars


Reviewer: Anupama Chopra

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars


Reviewer: The Times Of India

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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Baaghi 2 is an all-out action film with suspense and thriller elements. The first half is all about the setup.The second half though is a completely different tale. The slow pace of suspense and the romantic track give way to twists, turns and an action-packed finale. Ronny goes from the slightly confused soldier to an absolute blood-thirsty nutter with nothing but revenge on his mind. It gives Tiger Shroff the chance to exhibit his martial arts skills in full glory.

Reviewer: Indian Express

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

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 The trouble with a full-on masala film going in search of a plot is evident in the way the film unspools. The bare bones are borrowed from Telugu thriller Kshanam, but the fillings are all strictly Bollywood: the attempt to create difference gets diluted. After a while, inevitably, all the bang-bang starts feeling familiar, whether it is happening on the streets of Goa, where much of the film is set, or in some jungles, location unspecified, where the long-drawn climax takes place.

Reviewer: NDTV

Rating: 2/5 Stars

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 In Baaghi 2, rebellion – trigger happy, brooding endlessly and snarling at everything in sight – comes in a single standard size, the one that the beefy Tiger Shroff embodies in all its skin-deep splendour. He is a glistening, muscle-bound, mayhem-unleashing mannequin that, at the slightest provocation, strikes out with telling force. Get out of his path if you care for your life and limbs! The action thriller that draws power from the virile exploits of this protagonist is replete with eye-popping, heart-pounding, brain-numbing and inordinately drawn-out stunts and fights.

Reviewer: HindustanTimes

Rating: 1/5 Stars

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It’s a mere show-reel for Tiger Shroff.

I still wanted to be generous with Baaghi 2 and rate it 1.5, but then Jacqueline Fernandez took whatever enthusiasm was left in me with her version of Ek, do, teen.

At nearly 150-minute of runtime, Baaghi 2 is a big disappointment, especially for those who were waiting for a new action star to take over Bollywood.

Reviewer: Koimoi

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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Some movies are just made with the purpose of serving entertainment and Baaghi 2 is one of them. When we as the audience can enjoy something like John Wick (It is an outstanding film & I am not comparing, please consider this before bashing me) we should not have a problem with this one.

Three stars!


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