Gauri Khan’s Choice Of Outfit For Shah Rukh’s Birthday Party Enrages Social Media


A birthday bash for top actor Shah Rukh Khan had his wife Gauri trolled on Social Media for hosting the event in an outfit that many took offence to for being inappropriate for the occasion and not suited to the personality as well. Not sparring the woman next door or celebrities, social media has blurred the division and many have taken it upon themselves to express unsolicited opinions, moral policing the open platform media that caught Gauri Khan out in a celebratory outfit in the crossfire.

Gauri Khan with friends at Shah Rukh’s birthday bash in AlibaugBombaytimes

Co-owner of Red Chilies Entertainment and interior designer, Gauri Khan was at her farmhouse in Alibaug, hosting the party thrown to honor of her husband Shah Rukh Khan’s 52nd birthday. Several celebrities, including many leading actresses like Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt, joined the family for this grand event.

The couple with some of their celebrity friends at the partyVogue India

The party went of well but a photograph that circulated fast on social media, where Gauri was seen wearing a transparent knitted dress for the occasion, turned to be a spoiler. Gauri appears all confident and relaxed in the attire, however, Twitter users did not seem to be quite happy with it. And as always, they took it upon themselves to let Gauri know how ugly she was looking in it.

Farah Khan with Gauri and SRKThe Indian Express

And as if that was not enough, she was slut shamed for her wear and was pinpointed for bringing disgrace to the great actor that Shah Rukh is.

Do not believe me? See the filth for yourself! 

1. There are so many things wrong with this statement, I don’t know where to begin.


2. Have you never seen one, trushashah28?


3. Another attempt at failed poetry.


4. Downright disgusting!


5. The worst kind of shaming…


6. I’m sorry I take my words back!


7. So, we are making comparisons now?


What did the rest say, you ask? Well, how about ‘shame nahi toh objectify hi sahi.’ Sample this: 


While I sit to write to conclude, I am worried sick about how a woman’s modesty is subjected to scrutiny and how a picture, a completely normal picture of you wearing clothes you’re comfortable wearing can make you a victim of character assassination and trolling!

We really live in a sad world, I say!

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