Salman Khan Replies To Zubair Khan’s Demand For Apology In A Truly Epic Way


It looks like Zubair Khan was not able to digest his elimination from reality television show Bigg Boss 11. Clearly unhappy with his elimination, he has taken the drama outside of the house and has called the Dabangg actor “teri aukat kya hai” to the Dawood Ibrahim of film industry.


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In addition, Zubair has also filed a written complaint against Salman Khan wherein he accused him of allegedly threatening him in the Saturday night episode of the Bigg Boss elimination show.

Zubair had complained that Salman said to him: “Tere ko kutta banaunga, Tu bahar nikal, tere ko chhodunga nahi. Tereko industry me kaam karne nahi doonga, Tere ko marunga.”

(Translation “I will make you a dog. Come out of the house; I won’t let you go. I won’t let you work in the industry and beat you.”)


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Before Zubair’s elimination, Salman has lashed out at him for his unruly behaviour and rude language.

So far, Salman has been tight-lipped on the entire issue, but in the second week’s ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ on October 14, he gave a witty reply to Zubair, although indirectly.


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For this he took a minute and told the audience that he is apologising for calling a contestant of the house a dog. You know about whom he was talking about.

Then he said:

“Last week maine kutta bola tha… Main wo comment ke liye maafi mangta hun… Main kutton se maafi mangta hun (I apologise for my dog comment because this wouldn’t be fair to other dogs).”

Zubair had also claimed that Bigg Boss is “fully scripted” and slammed it as a “fake reality show”. Zubair had earlier said that he was related to don Dawood Ibrahim’s late sister Haseena Parkar, and that he comes from Dongri.

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When Indian Express reached out to Zubair for his comment on Salman’s action, here’s what he said-

“All I want to say that I am thankful to Allah that because of me Salman apologized to his brothers, the dogs. That’s my only reply to his infamous comment on the show. He is not God that he treats people like dirt.”

Zubair didn’t stop there and added-

“He is no saint and as I told he did all this because of pressure from the underworld. But I did not go on the show to get into his good books and thus will avenge all that he did to me. I have planned to file PIL against all the cases that he got away with the help of his money and D-company association. I want to tell Salman in his own style- ‘Hum tumpe itna PILs file karenge, ke tum confuse ho jaoge ke shoot pe jayein ya court mein (I will file so many PILs against you that you will be torn between going to your shoots and court). I will bring him down and get him arrested. He should never underestimate the power of a common man.”


He even went on to claim that he’s receiving death threats-

“Salman and his associates in the underworld have got everyone in their pockets. No one wants to listen to my plea and the police are not even keen to file a proper complaint against him. I want to appeal to the Modi government to investigate Salman’s connections and bring out the true. His farce of doing charity via Being Human is also his way of evading taxes and nothing else. He has ruined a lot of careers in Bollywood but I will not bow down to him.”

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