SALMAN KHAN and KARAN JOHAR COLD WAR – Salman Khan teaches Karan Johar a Lesson when he messes with a Salman’s Family member

Salman Khan and Karan JoharIt’s over…Or did it ever begin, in the first place? Karan Johar’s friendship with Salman Khan seemed doomed from the start. Salman did make a guest appearance in Karan’s directorial debut Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. But thereafter, as Karan’s proximity to Shah Rukh Khan became apparent to the entire world, Salman automatically gravitated away from all things ‘KJo’

For many years the two never crossed paths. But in recent years, Karan Johar was seen earnestly wooing Salman Khan. Two years ago Karan offered Salman the film Shuddhi on his (Salman’s) terms. While Karan crossed his fingers and waited for Salman’s yes to the project, the superstar simply procrastinated.

A friend of Salman Khan reveals, “Salman never had any intention of doing Shuddhi. He just kept Karan dangling on for God knows what reason. But when he was with us friends, he very clearly and not so politely told us he would never work with Karan Johar.”

Source – BollywoodHungama

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