10 Times Bollywood Celebs Said Things That Left Us Questioning About Their Logic and Brain


Bollywood celebrities might always be the center of the limelight but not always does being candid work wonders for you. Off and again have Bollywood celebrities spoken their mind out and gotten themselves in trouble. While these celebrities have to think twice before giving a byte, sometimes, they forget to add logic and reason to their statements. Here are 10 times Bollywood celebrities said things that left us laughing like hell and wondering where do they keep their logic hidden!

1. Rakhi Sawant on AIB Roast

While AIB roast had its own roasting spree for Karan Johar and Ranveer Singh on social media, Rakhi Sawant had come to their rescue and we are sure they couldn’t thank her enough.

Rakhi Sawant

2. Vivek Oberoi on his role in Krrish 3

Some people just manage to live in their own imaginary world. While we are literally begging Hrithik Roshan to apologize to us for Krrish 3, Vivek Oberoi has his own Alice in Wonderland world, when he considered his performance at par with Heath Ledger’s Joker!

Vivek Oberoi

3. Honey Singh about winning a Grammy

Honey Singh has been embarrassing us with his songs already and what comes funny is that he wishes he can get us a Grammy for his music.

Honey Singh

4. Kareena Kapoor about ‘Stairway To Heaven’

Kareena Kapoor on one of her rounds at Koffee With Karan tried to be a perfect wife, only that she couldn’t get the song right!

Kareena Kapoor

5. Ranbir Kapoor for Barfi not winning the Oscars

Ranbir had a ‘grapes are sour’ moment when his movie Barfi didn’t get an Oscar.

Ranbir Kapoor

6. Kareena Kapoor on being born into luxury

We clearly have differences with Kareena when it comes to luxury and poverty! When asked that “Your cousin Ranbir said that he was born into luxury”, this is what she had to say.

Kareena Kapoor Luxury

7. Miss India Priyanka Chopra at Miss World 2000

During the beauty pageant Miss World 2000, Priyanka Chopra too made an oopsie!

Priyanka Chopra

8. Ameesha Patel and her place in Bollywood

Ameesha Patel might not be visible these days, except for some photo shoots, but she clearly knows her place in the industry and is quite confident about it.

Ameesha Patel

9. Abhishek Bachchan on Dhoom

Well, let him do the honors himself.

Abhishek Bachchan

10. Varun Dhawan and his wrong perception about Inception!

While promoting his film, Dilwale, Varun Dhawan compared the movie with Inception. Well, Varun, you need to watch the movie and stay mum!

Varun Dhawan

What do you think about these comments? Would you like to add to the list with comments from celebrities that were too embarrassing to handle? Let us known in the comments below.

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