Shah Rukh Khan Made A Witty Comeback When A Journalist Called Him ‘Salman Khan’ Repeatedly


There’s a reason why Shah Rukh Khan is called the wittiest of them all!


Shah Rukh Khan is known for his sense of humor and sass, of course. This man has some classy comebacks and knows what to say when. Recently, the superstar was at an event for Star and a journalist called him ‘Salman Khan’ repeatedly. Shah Rukh Khan is known for witty replies and comebacks. The man took it with such class. We’re pretty sure if there was someone else, they would have fumed and made a ruckus about it.

In case you don’t know how amazing his comebacks are, go through his timeline and see his replies filled with sass. The man literally redefines class with everything he says!

Shah Rukh Khan

The journalist said:

“Salman, Salman, one last question.”

The star didn’t lose his mind. He asked her what the name was and she replied:

“Lipika here. I’m so sorry.”

The star said this:

“Don’t worry, Deepika. It’s alright”

Full of sass, isn’t he? Here’s the video:

Time to take notes, guys!

Source –DailySocial

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