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GONOGO Meter: 44%


Reviewer: Rajeev Masand

Rating: 2/5 Stars


Reviewer: Anupama Chopra

Rating: 2/5 Stars


Reviewer: The Times Of India

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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When you enter the movie hall for this outing, remember to let your hair down and guffaw because from the opening scene itself you’re familiar with the tropes. Lame lyrics, loud gags and leggy lasses never really hurt anyone. Believe me, at one point, you’re tempted to join Varun when he is doing those perfect pelvic thrusts. Judwaa 2 could be a substitute for your Dussehra party. Consult Salman, even he sportingly shows up in a cameo in the end.


Reviewer: Indian Express

Rating: 2/5 Stars

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 For a comedy whose plot would make a wafer look thin, the lines have to be razor sharp, and delivered in just the right rhythm. This is where the director falters, even as his son tries his best to give us two for the price of one on the other end of the screen.But the material gets too thin and stretched around Judwaa 2’s flab. This is strictly the Multiplex Millennial Two Point Oh version.

Reviewer: NDTV

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars

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 I like young Dhawan. I enjoy his work in movies as disparate as Badlapur and Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya, but in Judwaa 2 he isn’t allowed to do his own thing. Instead, he’s trying to match a marvellously inane Salman Khan performance. Bad move. That sleaziness came so much easier to Salman. Perhaps because he wasn’t copying anyone. Salman shows up in Judwaa 2 as well, tight tee-shirt and everything, and, even twenty years later, puts this unnecessary remake in its place. All we have here is a weak cover version.

Reviewer: Koimoi

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

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 As mentioned earlier, the script of Judwaa 2 offers nothing new in terms of the story or situations. All the characters from Judwaa have been recreated and re-played by new ones. Even the new characters which one gets to see in Judwaa 2 are either insignificant or holds no strong ground of their own. the film is a must watch for all the zillion plus fans (mostly Gen-Next) of Varun Dhawan. Judwaa 2. But, for the rest of the gang, watching the original Judwaa a thousand times over will serve you more good.

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