Some Of The Most Weirdest And Creepiest Bollywood Photoshoots


Bollywood is not always glamorous and beautiful. But it is one of the most grand industry in the world. We have seen how beautiful and gorgeous our Bollywood actors look. But unfortunately the story was not same always. Out of a role or the script requirement or whatever it is, sometimes the Bollywood crosses an extra mile just to establish themselves in the world of glamour. There can be some really ugly and creepy photo shoots which Bollywood actors have done for their career. Don’t believe us?? Then have a look at photo shoots which went terribly at times. (New trailer out)

So, let’s have a look at some of the photo shoots which we are sure even the actors won’t like to have a re-look at them. We are not sure if they would regret doing that but they would not like to see these photo shoots again in life that’s for sure  –



1. Helen –

The legendary dancer Helen had an entire fruits salad on her head. May be she was promoting healthy eating to get a gorgeous figure like her’s. (Bahubaali is the costliest movie ever)



2. Pooja Bhatt –

Pooja Bhatt had been a 90s heroine who once did a body painting and with that look combined it’s looking nothing short of creepy. (Hrithik will score a Hattrick)



3. Karishma Kapoor –

This is one such picture which Karishma would love to permanently delete from her career. (kiran Rao’s special surprise)



4. Akshay Khanna and Karishma Kapoor –

Together they are striking the most weirdest poses possible in this earth. (Major face off between Bani & Priyanka J)



5. Anil Kapoor –

May be Anil Kapoor is celebrating the No Shave November here.  But with hairy chest. That’s the first time. (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Padmavati)



6. Rekha & Kajol –

This became the talk of the town when two top actresses decided to wrap themselves under a single cloth. But we know both Rekha and Kajol had been top notch and bold actresses of their times. But this cover page became one of the most controversial cover page of all times. (Dino Morea gets trapped)



7. Govinda & Juhi –

May be Govinda and Juhi were prepping themselves for their kids annual day. But we are sure that even their kids won’t be interested to see them in this way. It’s such a pic that both Govinda and Juhi would like to delete this permanently from their career.

(AIB Mocks bollywoo’s sexism)



8. Ranjit –

With a nude look all over your face and a naked body normally people look sexy. And Ranjit has a toned figure here but even then he failed miserably in this picture. Ranjit may be trying to look sexy but all we can get is his villain looks on his face. Sorry, Ranjit but that’s how we have seen you most of the time. (Rajnikanth’s Birthday)

9. Vindoo Dara Singh –

This picture proves that celebrities can go to any mile for fame.

How can someone even for money sake smell someone’s armpits, that too hairy armpits. We are sure even Vindoo Dara Singh won’t be comfortable in this pose. (Sunny Deol to star in Poster Boys)



10. Shah Rukh Khan –

SRK. Not everything you do is a blockbuster. And you failed miserably when you sported a fake baby bump for the cover of a Filmfare magazine. we doubt how many covers Filmfare sold this month.

(Dear Zindagi makers to be sued)



11. Jackie Shroff –

Was Jackie trying to create another headline with a towel just like Ranbir did. If yes then we should say Jackie that he miserably failed to do so.

(Alia and Siddarth in Aashiqui 3)

Source – FilmyMantra

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