Salman Khan vs Prabhas: Salman Khan Insulted Baahubali. Prabhas Thrashed Him With A Cracking Reply !


Baahubali, the movie appreciated by fans across the globe is still making headlines. This time it’s credited to Salman Khan as he evoke a controversy out of it.

Salman Khan is one of the finest actors of industry, with a strong fan-base made over the years. If something comes from his side, it has to be big. So, this time it was a statement made about Baahubali which is making headlines.

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People have been judging him as many think that Baahubali being a success didn’t go well with Salman. To find out the full story, read further what’s the real catch:

It was during the promotions of his movie, Tubelight, that Salman ended up making a rather rude statement about Baahubali. He was asked about his views on the success of Baahubali the conclusion, and he said, “They took four years to make Bahubali while I make two films in a year and if you would compare the Box Office Collection of my movies and Baahubali, it is the same.”

Well, it might be an opinion by Salman Khan who is known for his classic choice of films but the crew of Baahubali who put in 4 years of dedication, hardwork and effort to make Baahubali what it is today, didn’t quiet seem to like it.

Even Baahubali fans started opposing Salman Khan’s statement. Baahubali, the movie has been a globally liked movie, which is not in the case of all movies. The active social media fans of the movie took Twitter to troll Salman Khan on his inappropriate and rude comment.

Not only the fans but Baahubali himself, Prabhas took to twitter and gave a perfect reply to Salman Khan.

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What do you think about Salman Khan’s attitude towards Bahubali’s success?


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