This Difference By Google About South Indian Masala And North Indian Masala Will Leave You Absolutely Annoyed!!!


Google search results can sometimes tell you how 2 regions are different by the smallest things one can ever pay attention to. As a latest example that tells us how North and South India are different, this is what we’ve got for you:


Search for ‘North Indian Masala’ and this is what you get









Now try looking for “South Indian Masala” and this is the masala you get:







Well, these were just 1 image each from a whole lot of images that pop up as your search results.

Cal it embarrassing maybe, but this is what it is. At first I thought, I am the only one that is being trolled by Google but maybe it’s the definition of ‘masala’ which is different in these two regions.

Blaming Google search results is not the option here. It’s us, we people have set such terminologies like ‘maal’ and ‘masala’ which we use to describe good-looking women that Google catches our behavior and gets us some human flesh with minimum clothes if searched for south Indian masala. But at the same time, if for north some realistic results are appearing same could appear for south as well.

Keeping this debate on, one thing we must remember is that next time you’re seriously looking for a south Indian masala and by masala I mean spice-masala, make sure you atleast know it’s name in order to avoid this embarrassment as women are much more than “masala” in our lives.

Source – UniteForIndia

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